Terms and Conditions

  1. Pass Validity
    • All Yoganova flexi-passes are valid for the number of sessions and/or time period stated.
      • 5 session passes last for 7 weeks from the start date booked.
      • 10 session passes last for 14 weeks from the start date booked.
      • Classes will run weekly.
      • Any bank holidays or other public holidays, including Christmas and Easter holidays, will be notified to the class and the pass end date will be adjusted accordingly to include any holidays where there is no class.
    • Passes may be activated from any date within 30 days of the purchase date. Once a start date is chosen the pass becomes valid for use in accordance with the period as per 1.1 above.
    • Other passes released for specific offers will usually have their own validity times and will usually run consecutively without flexibility, see the individual offer for specific terms and conditions.
  1. Usage of Passes
    • Passes must be shown at class every week when a student attends to validate & record the use of each session.  The pass is not valid unless signed by the instructor at each session attended.
    • If you fail to come to class with a valid pass you may be required to pay for the session in full for that week. If you lose your pass, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor as soon as possible.
    • At the instructors discretion it may be possible to reallocate any unused sessions.
    • It is your responsibility to kept he pass safe and to produce it every week as required. Replacement of lost passes is in no way guaranteed.
  1. Payment
    • Making a class booking online does not constitute payment. You are still required to produce payment or a pass on arrival at the session booked.
    • Customers of Yoganova may pay through Paypal, cash, cheques made payable to Emily Haslam-Jones or they may contact Emily through email to make a bank transfer.
  1. Customer Responsibilities
    • Where possible, avoid being late to classes as it is a great disturbance for the teacher and the others in the class.
    • If you need to sign as a new customer or wish to buy a pass in class, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time to enable you to do so.
    • Once in class you must stay until the end of the class. If you know your time doesn’t permit you to stay and complete the class, please avoid coming to class.
    • The end relaxation is an integral part of a balanced practice. You must take account of this period when considering the time available to you.
    • Ensure you are wearing suitable clothing you can stretch and move in that does not expose you indecently to other class participants.
    • Ensure you have a suitable mat that will not cause you to slip or injure yourself. Only limited numbers are available to hire. For hygiene reasons it is best to purchase your own mat.
    • You must not eat for at least one hour before the session, and stay suitably hydrated during the session, to avoid cramps and headaches.
    • You must also be aware of health and safety issues and comply with the terms of section 6 below at all times.
  1. Cancellation of Classes
    • Classes may occasionally be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond th control of Yoganova (extreme weather, illness or injury with no cover teacher available, unforeseen issues at the venue, death in the family).
    • In such an event, the pass session may be valid. Yoganova will endeavour to credit the user with a replacement session where possible/necessary.
    • In the case of special offers it is most likely that the session will have expired.
  1. Health and Safety
    • Ii is your duty to exercise ordinary care for the protection of others and yourself while attending yoga class or other classes with Yoganova.
    • It is your responsibility to inform both Yoganova and your instructor of any health issues or injuries that you may suffer from in advance of each session.
    • You must inform the instructor immediately if you are aware you are pregnant.
    • If during the course of your attendance there are any new conditions of health or injury not previously stated on your form it is your responsibility to inform the instructor immediately.
    • Please listen to your body while practicing yoga, and modify or come out of the postures any time if your body indicates it is too much through pain, discomfort, feeling dizzy, or nausea. If in doubt please ask the instructor who will help you to modify or advise you to sit out a posture.
    • Any advice given by the instructors does not constitute medical advice, it is merely in relation to your practice that we can make recommendations.
    • If in doubt consult your doctor.
    • Any medical information will be treated as confidential, and you may to ask to speak with your instructor in another room if you feel conscious of being overheard.
  1. Exclusion of Liability
    • Liability is hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
    • Yoganova and Emily Haslam-Jones shall not be liable for any personal injury, loss or damage to property resulting from participation in, or attendance at, any class, workshop or retreat under this contract, except in relation to any act of negligence on the part of Yoganova or its employees and agents.
    • Such exclusion of liability shall include any third party or reasonably foreseeable consequential losses.


  1. Data Protection and Publicity
    • Any personal information is solely for the use of Yoganova and Freedom in Me. It will not be shared with any third parties.
    • This information is taken for your safety and security and to allow Yoganova to communicate with you regarding class changes, up to date information on classes, venues and teachers, new techniques and online classes, workshops and retreats and offers you may be interested in.
    • You may unsubscribe at any time from this mailing service, being aware that it would mean you may not be updated if there is a change in time/venue/teacher.
    • It is your responsibility to inform Yoganova if you change your name, address, email or phone number to keep your contact details up to date.
    • Photographs and film footage may on occasion be taken by instructors or other employees or agents of Yoganova during classes or workshops. Any such official materials shall be the property of Yoganova, including all intellectual property rights.
    • Any photographs or film taken in accordance with 8.5 may be used in promotional materials for Yoganova and you give full consent for such use.


  1. Declarations
    • I assume the risk of physical activity with my own physical condition. I have received advice from my doctor that I am capable of physical exercise such as provided by Yoganova, or I will seek such advice, or I will assume the risk of exercising without a doctor’s examination. This form continues to be effective as long as I am taking classes with Yoganova or from instructors sub-contracted by Yoganova at any location.
    • I hereby confirm that I have read and fully understand this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement, fully understand its terms, and agree to these terms & conditions freely and voluntarily without inducement.

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