Special Needs Yoga

Emily has a great passion for creating yoga sessions with those who have Special needs. These sessions are a joint creation, working with the feedback of the students to find new ways of expanding their skills. The skill base & knowledge of the teacher is important – but so is adapting the tools to the specific person or group and their needs.

We are all special in different ways, yoga is such a wonderful way of addressing all kinds of challenges with balance, motor skills, moods,sharpening the memory & thought processes. Emily has experience with a number of wide ranging needs, Autism, Asperger’s, Charges syndrome, PTSD, Meniere’s disease, Cerebral Palsy, and other physically, mentally & emotionally challenging conditions.

Emily does this work for all ages – under the name yoganova for the over 11s, and with the sister banner of Shine Kids Yoga for those under 11 years. To book a series of private one-to-one sessions or classes for your group or school contact Emily today – you will be amazed at the inspirational challenges that can be over come through the freedom of expression in yoga.

What facilitators have to say about these classes….

It has been amazing to see young people with communication difficulties growing in confidence and learning to express their feelings

Even watching how Emily delivers her program to the children who greatly benefit from these sessions is very calming and relaxing to myself 🙂