About Emily

Emily started practicing yoga in London in 1999. She tried some different classes – often coming away feeling inadequate, or with aches from having kept her body too long in uncomfortable positions. After a couple of years of wondering why this practice – that she was told was good for you, wasn’t making her feel so good… she started to look for other pursuits. It was then, that she inadvertently stumbled across a class that made her feel great! Suddenly the real benefits of yoga came into focus, and it became impossible to live life in the same way.

She left her job as a fashion stylist for a magazine and put her language skills to good use as a humanitarian worker in the conflict that was happening over in Nepal. The close proximity to death and human atrocities, and the marked contrast of the underlying resilience of human hope and kindness in the face of adversity, brought home the importance of what we choose to do with our lives. She was fascinated how different people’s attitudes to the same tragic experiences could take them either into depression and victim mentality, or empower them to create positive changes their lives -even in the face of heavy resistance. She began to look into yoga techniques asking the question – What tools are available to us to turn traumatic experiences and difficult circumstances into life affirming benefits to move us forward?

This period of working in a war zone and its aftermath has informed her practice as much as any formal training. Throughout this period she maintained her energy levels & de-stressed through yoga & regular re-connection with the teacher David Sye of Yogabeats. His valuable techniques were also initially melded from the transformative experience of war.

Emily and has travelled the world in pursuit of the yoga tools she required. Experience has shown her that good teachers aim to empower their students with knowledge rather than create dependent followers. In early 2007, with the peace agreement holding well in Nepal, she travelled to Thailand to train in the flow style of Shakti Mhi, of the Prana Yoga Teacher College. These precise techniques gave another slower aspect to her practice, which has formed into her gentle movement based Mellow Flow style.

During this post-conflict period she began to teach the adults and children around her whilst still working on contracts for the International Red Cross and the UN. She continued to be an example of unique effective practice until her work in Nepal came to an end in early 2009 and she brought her focus to yoga full time. In Vancouver she pursued further diverse studies with the Prana School in techniques such as Laughter Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, 5 Tibetan Rites, Ayurveda and Metaphysics. She went to Munich & embarked on the most extensive children’s yoga training available with the inspiring, Michigan based Marsha Wenig of Yogakids.

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With this broad base of training Emily started to meld together practices to create her Energy Flow style, with a focus on techniques that she felt had enabled her to relax and keep her energy up under extremely stress. She was attracted to all things that improve vitality and give more mental clarity. This included studying Kundalini with Gloria Latham in Vancouver & Greece. Gloria has done wonders for extracting this invaluable practice from a rather confused association with the religious organization that sprang up around Yogi Bhajan, the man who originally put Kundalini on the map. Emily who enjoys working with funk & soul music now moved to enhancing the Kundalini experience with dance & seventies disco classics and all kinds of uplifting tunes. The latest skills Emily has brought to her practice is in teaching pregnancy yoga to help women prepare for the amazing process of child birth.

Currently based in Nottingham she has set up a variety of yoga classes, working both the well-respected gyms in the city and the surrounding community. Her diverse studies enable her to cater to all personality types, and to offer techniques that resonate with participants of all ages and abilities. She also created Shine Kids Yoga with two experienced local colleagues, sharing a joy in giving children the ability to calm and to energize themselves, by providing yoga techniques to process and understand their emotions from a young age and so helping them to develop into confident, happier, healthier children. Emily has a passionate focus for teaching teens, special needs and those who simply seek to overcome whatever challenges life has thrown them. Just as there is always more than ways to tackle a posture, so there is more than one way to tackle life’s challenges as they come along.. The challenges on the yoga mat teach us how slow perseverance, combined with patience and kindness to oneself, can reveal our inner strength and open us up to life. These are tools for life that yoga can transmit.

With well over 1000 hours of Yoga Alliance certified  and other trainings, and having used the techniques of yoga through some of the most testing circumstances Emily is a firm advocate for yoga as a transformative tool to bring about a better quality of life. Maintaining a regular practice simply makes her feel better. She endeavours to maintain this simplicity & joy in her teaching.