We are functioning online in lockdown, to zoom class with us join here, there are people around the world joining us, what a lovely unexpected bonus to lockdown, you can do yoga anywhere! If you are experiencing particular anxieties or lows, Emily is a self-regulation and trauma adviser too, and you are welcome to get in touch here for one-to-one zoom sessions.

Welcome to Yoganova, the best place to find a choice of Nottingham Yoga classes. Our experience and our knowledge of a wide variety of yoga techniques means we truly believe you can find a yoga class to suit everyone.

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Yoganova is particularly known for yoga techniques that increase your vitality. These are energetic practices that improve fitness by giving a cardiovascular workout. We also offer slower classic style classes and restorative practices for the times you want to get the benefits of yoga but need to be easy on the body due to illness or injury. This means whatever your mood or energy level you can find a practice that works for you.

Yoganova classes are accessible. They are based on the principle that there is no perfect posture to attain there is only what feels right for you today. We all have different proportioned bodies so what feels comfortable for one person may not for another. Giving you choice and helping you to develop your awareness of reading signals from the body, empowers you to develop your own practice at your own pace. With regular attendance you will become aware of the benefits and what yoga can do for your fitness level, stress relief and mental clarity. Stretching, strengthening and developing body awareness can relieve or delay the onset of some conditions and can help to prevent future injury.

With local weekly classes and private one-to-one, small group sessions and corporate solutions available you can find an option that works for your schedule. Yoganova also specializes in teaching for teens, special needs, and children’s yoga and is available to work with your school or group.

Nottingham Yoga sessions are suitable for everyone to join at any time because it really is all about making your own progress and listening to your own body.

Public Classes

Yoganova teaches several styles in local areas of Nottingham. Find a time, place and style that works for you.

Private Sessions

If you can’t make the public class times, or you want a more focused session why not try yoga in your own home. Book a session for you or a small group of up to 4 friends or neighbours. There are reductions on regular bookings too.