Mellow flow

Mellow Flow Yoga

Mellow Flow is a good session for calming the mind and practicing stretches that vary from low to high intensity which leads to a great sense of well being. Emily facilitates your yoga practice with individual care, good humour and a welcoming smile and always focuses on your individual ability.

Immerse yourself in relaxation to rejuvenate your body & mind.

Mellow Flow is classical yoga enhanced by the use of flowing movement & mellow music. Gentle stretches let the body & mind totally unwind. Descriptions of the subtleties of the postures are given to improve the experience & focus the mind on the present moment. This takes you deeper into your body and allows for a better understanding of what feels right for you both in & outside of the classroom. Slow progress is advanced progress, there’s no need to try so hard, just be satisfied observing the leisurely progress you make.

A relaxing experience that strengthens stretches & tones the entire body & brings clarity of mind. It is a class suitable for those who need to unwind & switch off from the tensions & stresses of everyday life.

Mellow Flow gives you an oasis of peace in your week. Find a Mellow Flow class near you, book a private lesson or sessions for your business.

See what the students say….

it is really relaxing while stretching me further than I realize

Relaxing, a complete change from the rest of the week.