Pregnancy yoga

Emily Haslam JonesPregnancy is a time of great change, and of preparing for great change. It can alter our relationship with our body, our work, and with those close to us in many ways, both positive and challenging. Antenatal yoga is a way for pregnant women to come together, share and relax in a supportive environment. Starting pregnancy yoga in Nottingham, is a great way to meet women going through the same things, and you will find you may well keep in touch with the women you meet once your babies are born.

Practicing yoga whilst pregnant is a powerful way to get in touch with yourself and your changing needs, at a time when you are highly intuitive. It helps prepare you for the challenges ahead, for the rite of passage of birth by providing tools that can build your stamina, tap into your inner strength, and help you find ways to stay calm and centred through the pregnancy and birth process. The class draws from several yoga traditions including kundalini yoga, using music and sound, meditation, movement and sometimes a little dancing. This time of life can teach us much about ourselves and as we are melded into mothers, we can gain a new and positive relationship of trust with ourselves that can last and serve us for the rest of our years.

Emily Haslam JonesPrenatal yoga classes offer not only the right kind of gentle exercise and relaxation women need at this very different place in life, they also offer a space to discuss what your birthing choices are – how to get them happening, and how to let go of them without loosing a sense of self, if the circumstances change. These points are key to feeling happy with the decisions you made in labour post-birth, and will help with the psychological adjustment, as you become a mother.

I am currently expecting my second child, and to be honest with you, I don’t have enjoyable pregnancies of glowing health. I find the nausea, throwing up and gestational diabetes a real challenge, but it is these challenges and how I learned to face them which has been my best teacher, and made me put in place many things that led to a calm healthy, natural birth that I actually enjoyed. I want to share my knowledge with you, on this mother’s journey. Join us.

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