Candlelight flow

Candlelight Flow Yoga
Candle light Flow is a Mellow Flow class done by candle light for an even more relaxing experience. The slow gentle flow of postures will enable you to create a fit, healthy, strong, more flexible body – at your own pace. Tune into the natural rhythm and notice how with less effort things unfold in their own sweet time.

Candlelight is calming and soothing, it deepens the experience of relaxation. Remove the artificial lights of the office, encourage the body to go into parasympathetic mode the rest and digest gear of the nervous system which signals to the body it’s time to clock off. Be seduced by the warm, cosy, safe environment created by the natural light.

Enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation

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See what students have to say about Candlelight Flow

A very good setting for a class. For somebody who participates in yoga begrudgingly – to improve my flexibility. It makes coming something to look forward to

Cosy atmosphere – no stress or strain. Really enjoy it. Thoughtful music.